Recommended Books

I have read over 200 non-fiction books in the last four years (kindle addiction). Here are some highlights:

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The Selfish Gene

Makes it clear that we are just vehicles for carrying our genes to the next round.

Also recommended: The Blank Slate

The 10,000 Year Explosion

I find this fascinating. Many people talk about how we face a modern world with the genes of our ancestors, but this book makes it clear that evolution occurs much faster than we realise…

The Brain That Changes Itself

Shows just how resilient and adaptable humans are.

Catching Fire – how cooking made us human

Good argument for what caused the increase in human brain size.

The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up

You wouldn’t think a book about tidying up could feature on such a list, but it does.

The Dorito Effect

Provides the primary reason for the obesity epidemic. Pretty amazing. Surprised this book isn’t more well known.

Reset Your Child’s Brain

I read this out of concern for the amount of time I was spending online. I run a series of websites; thus most of work day involves creating and sharing info online. I felt like it was affecting me and thus I started researching the topic. This book convinced me that my concern was warranted (and dramatically affected the way I approach digital media with my children). This should be required reading for all teachers.

Also recommended:

  •  Hooked (haven’t finished this yet) which explains how Facebook etc make their products as addictive as possible, by following intermittent reward scheduling.
  • Deep Work

Medication Madness

This book is controversial and shocking, but very important.

Caffeine Blues

I don’t drink coffee or tea, ha, but this book is good for throwing arguments at those who do. 🙂

Living the 80/20 Way

Obvious, but a good reminder all the same.