Abstract landscape paintings

Last Updated on September 2, 2023

A collection of abstract landscape paintings by Amiria Gale.

This is a series of work entitled ‘Madness: the roar of the human brain.’ These paintings tell of discontent and a grass that is never green. They tell of blindness and the ball of dialogue behind our eyes. They tell of falsity and lament: the never-good-enoughs and one-day-everything-will-be-okays. They tell of tomorrow, yesterdays and the present we give away.

These abstract paintings draw upon the visual language of coastal landscapes and shell paintings: blue abstract artworks, filled with swirling forms, deep contrast and horizontal and vertical lines. The painting above was completed over a textured ground of dripped house paint. This artwork is entitled ‘Walk away’ and is 390 x 580mm, completed in 2005. Sold privately.

Abstract landscape "falling" by Amiria Gale
This large blue abstract artwork was inspired by the coastal landscapes of New Zealand. Entitled ‘Falling’, this painting is 900 x 900mm, and has been created using tissue paper, modelling compound and acrylic on framed MDF board, 2005.
Abstract art: paintings by Amiria Gale
The work on the left is one of my largest abstract art paintings, 1000 x 1000mm. A huge blue artwork, this painting is entitled ‘Lost’. It was sold privately. Painted in 2005 using acrylic on MDF board: an abstract interpretation of the boundary between land, sea, and sky. The work above right was sold at auction. This blue painting depicts an abstracted landscape from the east coast of New Zealand. Entitled ‘One day’, this artwork is 230 x 1250mm and was painted in 2006. The painting below right is the smallest work in this collection of abstract paintings, measuring 150 x 400mm. Entitled ‘Tomorrow’, this work is an abstract representation of a coastal landscape and horizon. It was painted in 2005. Sold privately.
Abstract art painting techniques - Amiria Gale
This abstract acrylic painting demonstrates a range of different painting techniques. Entitled ‘Broken’, this artwork centres includes a broken piece of balsa wood, which has been glued onto the MDF base and then worked over with modelling compound and several layers of gesso and acrylic. This abstract landscape painting is derived from the intersection of land, sea, and sky. It is 380 x 760mm and was painted in 2006.
Abstract landscape paintings
The image on the left is the first painting that I completed in this collection of abstract landscape artwork. It was inspired by seascapes from the east coast of New Zealand and is entitled, ‘All souls start equal’. 300 x 300mm, this is an acrylic painting on board, completed in 2005. Sold privately. The artwork on the right is entitled ‘Start again’ and has letter transfers printed directly onto the surface of the artwork. This piece is 280 x 395mm and was completed in 2005. Sold privately.
Abstract water: paintings by Amiria Gale
The three works above show variations of images derived from sand dunes and waves / splashing sea. The geometric abstract work (top right) is entitled ‘Decision’. This is a textured, mixed media painting completed in 2006 upon a 210 x 400mm framed MDF board. The bottom right triptych was painted in 2005 using acrylic on three separate MDF boards, each measuring 400 x 400mm. All of these works are sold.
Abstract water painting
This abstract water painting (conceptual sketches on the left) is completed using acrylic and modelling compound on MDF board. ‘In between sea and sky’ is painted upon 2 boards, 265 x 800mm, and was completed in 2006.
Abstract painting techniques
This artwork on the left illustrates a range of abstract painting techniques, including scratching into modelling compound with a stick and allowing the watery pigment to pool and dry in irregular patterns. Entitled ‘It doesn’t matter, this triptych is painted upon 3 pieces of framed MDF, 395 x 150mm. It was completed in 2006 and sold by auction. The image on the right no longer exists. It was painted on a scrap of macrocarpa timber from my family’s farm. I threw it way one afternoon, while on a cleaning frenzy.

The abstract paintings above have been handcrafted using Atelier acrylic paint and a range of mixed mediums including gesso, modelling compound, textured paper, pencil, ink, found paper/card based materials and varnish. Most paintings have a very tactile surface. They have almost all been painted on MDF and pine artist boards.