Amiria Gale: Artist Research

Last Updated on September 10, 2023

I am honoured to discover that many students around the world study my artwork. This is partly because I was one of the first artists in New Zealand to have my own website (first built back in 2007 by the wonderful and now-famous Hadley Wickham). As a consequence, students and teachers found my artwork from the other side of the world. (I have written more about the benefits of creating your own artist website – and just how easy this process now is.)

This page contains a collection of artist research projects that students have produced while exploring my artwork. If you are looking for more information about my paintings and the thought processes behind them, please read About Amiria Gale or the detailed article about my shell paintings. If you would like to have your own artwork featured on this page, please get in touch. When I get around to next updating this website, I will include another selection of artist research examples here. Thank you!

Studying artwork by Amiria Gale
This body of work was produced by Year 7 students studying my shell paintings, taught by Claire Maddock at Future Academies Watford, a school in the UK. See more.
Amiria Gale shells in needlepoint
This beautiful hand-embroidered replica of one of my shell paintings was completed by university student Sarah, while completing a certificate at the Royal School of Needlework, UK.
Amiria Gale artwork study
These exemplars were created as part of a Y10 video tutorial by an art teacher at Sir Thomas Boteler, Church of England High School, UK.
Textile art inspired by Amiria Gale
Year 8 textile pieces from Hall Cross ADT inspired by my shell paintings.
Fashion project inspired by Amiria Gale
A fashion design project inspired by my artwork, created by Richao Liao, first year student at the University of Leeds. Richao gained A* in A Level Art and Design in her final year of high school. See more.
Artist research Amiria Gale
These American primary school students are working hard studying my shell paintings, taught by Mrs Crumley. Lovely!
This coloured pencil replica of one of my tiny paintings is completed by a high school student studying IGCSE Art and Design.