Art for sale
Art for sale: New Zealand

This page lists artwork for sale by New Zealand artist Amiria Gale. All prices include free shipping within New Zealand. Paintings are completed on MDF or plywood framed boards and come ready for hanging. Payments can be made online using credit card and are processed by Paypal, a secure payment processing platform that is trusted […]

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Abstract landscape paintings
Abstract painting by Amiria Gale

The following is collection of abstract landscape paintings by Amiria Robinson (previously Amiria Gale). A series of work entitled ‘Madness: the roar of the human brain’, these paintings tell of discontent and a grass that is never green. They tell of blindness and the ball of dialogue behind our eyes. They tell of falsity and lament: […]

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Shell paintings
Shell Paintings by Amiria Gale

This is the official collection of shell paintings by Amiria Gale (me). The paintings explore memory, stories and truth. They are about perception, blindness and the veil across our eyes. These ideas are explored through the interplay of organic form (the boundary between shell, land, sea and sky) and are captured in memories of diving […]

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Beach Paintings: land, sea, sky
Beach paintings by Amiria Gale

We played in the ocean, fished in it, swam in it: dived beneath the surface and were beaten by the waves. We knew the freedom of it; the terror of it. The way it could turn on you in a second and swallow you into its depths: hold you there until – if you’re lucky […]

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